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April 2018

Mitchell Gallery has unfortunately closed

Winter 2017 Newsletter

Flora, Fauna and Fantasy

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Spring/Summer 2017 Newsletter

Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold....

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Leamington Courier

New angel joins spiritual works at Warwick gallery

"Unusual", "tranquil" and "spiritual" are some of the words used by viewers to desribe the work of Warwick artist Tom Mitchell - and a brand new work of his follows the same ethereal theme.

Leamington Courier

Touchbase Feb 2013

Cultural exchange leads to art collaboration and exhibition

At art exhibition is to open in Warwick that features the work of two art teachers who met on a cultural exchange.

Sue Lewis-Blake, head of art and design technology at King’s High School in Warwick, met German artist and teacher Ursula Blancke-Dau in 2010 when she visited Lüneburg as part of a school trip.

Touchbase Feb 2013


Mark Peters

Breathtaking images on display at Warwick gallery

“SUBLIME” images of ballerinas from the Bolshoi Ballet company are now on display at the Mitchell Gallery in Warwick.

Photographer Mark Peters is exhibiting a selection of limited edition prints depicting dancers from the world famous Russian company at the gallery in Church Street.

Leamington Courier, Feb 2013


Warwick Courier - SADS UK

Tom Mitchell, who owns the Mitchell Gallery in Church Street, is supporting SADS UK, which funds research into the causes of and supports those affected by sudden arrhythmic death syndrome. On Tuesday the charity's chief executive and founder Anne Jolly, who lost her 16-year-old son Ashley to the condition in 1998, spent the afternoon at the gallery.

Warwick Courier, June 2012


Art in Aid of SADS UK

Artist Jinxy sells art in aid of SADS UK at the Mitchell Gallery in Warwick.

Find out more about the charity:

Leamington Courier, June 2012

Solihull Observer

Poignant vision

The Reverand Duncan Ballard from St Mary and St Bartholomew's Church in Hampton in Arden with Mike Yorke's emotive and moving art work...

Solihull Observer, Arden Edition

Warwickshire Life

Stunning additions to the Warwick Collection at the Mitchell Gallery

This Autumn the prestigious Mitchell Gallery will be showing a stunning collection of art work depicting landmark scenes of Warwick...

Warwickshire Life
October 2011

Touchbase Aug Seot 11

Kings High art takes centre stage

King's High School in Warwick held their Annual Art and Design exhibition at the end of the Summer Term displaying an impressive array of artwork...

Touchbase Aug/Sept 2011

Mitchell Gallery in Touchbase Jun-Jul

Visions of Glass

Warwick's prestigious Mitchell Gallery will be celebrating the beauty of glass sculpture in style this summer. The VISIONS OF GLASS exhibitions opening in mid July will be featuring stunning new art work by two of Britain's most highly acclaimed sculptors; Alister Malcolm and Sue Parry...

Touchbase Jun/Jul 2011

Leamington Courier

A celebration of glass

Elegant, delicate and unique glass artworks by four contrasting artists go on display at Warwick gaallery today. The Vision of Glass at the Mitchell Gallery is showcasing the work of well-established prfessionals Allister Malcolm and Sue Parry, as well as emerging talents Andan Nason, of Leamington and Luise Buckberry of Warwick.

Leamington Courier,
July 2011


Mitchell Gallery - Warwick

Mitchell Gallery features the work of Tom and Andrew Mitchell and other guest artists. It also houses sculputes, textiles art work, glassware and ceramics by internationally renowned artists.

Click here to view the touchbase magazine online>>

Leamington Courier march 11

Art will make you sit down and think

...As soon as artist Mike Yorke heard about Pte Lewis' death, the Solihull Art College student added another minature creation to his latest work, Empty Chairs, which consists of one hand-made wooden chair for everyone of these men and women...

Leamington Courier,
4 March 2011

Leamington Courier

Dynamic explosion in central Warwick

Vibrant and dynamic artwoks are exploding onto the walls of a Warwick town centre art gallery this month.

Purely Abstract at the Mitchell Gallery showcases new pieces by seven painters, which, says artist Toni Storey who helps run the venue are "unique, vibrant and dynamic".

Leamington Courier, Jan 2011

Mitchell Gallery in Warwickshire woman issue 6

Chairs for the taken

During the month of March, the Mitchell Gallery in Warwick held an exhibition called Empty Chairs by Warwickshire artist Mike Yorke, which was extended due to the interest shown by the media and general public...

Warwickshire Woman Issue 6

Touchbase Oct- Nov

Inside the Sea

A joint exhibition of unique sculptures and wall panels which reveals the mysterious moving depths of the ocean conveyed through alabaster, silver and porcelain.

Touchbase Oct/Nov 10

Click here to view the touchbase magazine online>>

Touchbase Aug Sept 2010

Artistic Endeavours rewarded!

Tom Mitchell Of the Mitchell Gallery is guest of honour at King Henry VIII School art exhibition.

Touchbase Aug/Sept 10

Read More on the King Henry VIII website >>

Warwickshire Life - Jul 10

Arty Warwick
- A town of inspiration

The Picturesque streets of Warwick have been a magnet for artists for centuries. And, of course, where there are artists there are galleries. We asked some of Warwick's artists and gallery Owners what it is about the place that inspires.

Warwickshire Life Jul 10


Warwickshire Living Jul 10

Warwick Originals

Leamington Spa artist Kevin Parrish has created four original scenes of Warwick entitled The Warwick Collection for the Mitchell Gallery.

Warwickshire Living Feb 10


touchbase magazine June 2010

Turner & Seascapes Exhibitions by Peter M Owen

Anyone familiar with J M W Turner’s oil painting, in Tate Britain titled ‘ Snow Storm - Steam Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth, making Signals in Shallow Water, and going by the lead’ will recognise Turners work
as the source for Peter Owen’s very personal interpretation.

Touchbase Jun 10/Jul 10

Click here to view the touchbase magazine online>>

touchbase article DEC / JAN

Origins of the Warwick Collection by Kevin Parrish.

Local artist Kevin Parrish throughout his career has seen great potential in creating and painting local scenes. More recently, he has worked with Tom Mitchell of Mitchell Gallery in Warwick who has seen the potential in creating scenes of Warwick in Kevin's distinctive style.

Touchbase Dec 09/Jan 10

Click here to view the touchbase magazine online>>

Touchbase Magazine Oct-Nov 09 - Mitchell Gallery Article

Mitchell Gallery continues to attract art collectors from all over the world with its collection of orignal paintings, limited edition prints, sculpture and glassware.

Toni Storey's latest work is being exhibited at the Mitchell Gallery from September 18th to November 19th.

Touchbase Oct/Nov 09

Click here to view the touchbase magazine online>>

Mitchell Gallery

In August, Mitchell Gallery also introduces two new artists, Peter Owen and Toni Storey, who will add to the gallery's comprehensive collection of art.

Mitchell Gallery continues to be the cumulative result of Tom Mitchell's passion for art and the world around him and he continues to show the work of both highly acclaimed artisits and up coming new talent.

Touchbase Aug/Sept 09

Click here to view the touchbase magazine online>>

The Aquanut

Twelve rescued by Dutch Angel (Tom's yacht)

Twelve people have been rescued from the sea off Salcombe in Devon after their 40ft (12m) dive boat sank.

The divers from London let off a flare when their boat, Aquanaut, started taking in water, sinking in about eight minutes off Bolt Head on Saturday.

Click here for full article>>


Black & White - Nostalgic Evening

On a hot summer's evening Mitchell Gallery held a nostalgic exhibition showing the work of Birmingham born artist Kevin Parrish. The exhibition also revealed the new painting by Andrew Mitchell entitled "Always with You", and the work of artists James Lees and Vivienne Robinson. Also on display was the glassware by Sue Parry and the new sculptures by Sally Renwick.

The evening was a resounding success as guests took time to relax and enjoy the art, sculpture and glassware on show.

Touchbase Jun / Jul 09


Kevin Parrish Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane

Kevin is a self taught traditional artist, who was born in Birmingham and spent his formative years in the county of West Midlands...

Tom Mitchell of Mitchell Gallery is staging a nostalgic exhibition of Kevin Parrish's black and white paintings, which successfully capture the mood of bygone days.

Touchbase Apr / May 09


Passion and Fire

When Tom Mitchell met Sue Parry in 2008, it brought together two artists with the same passion towards their work. Tom with his paintings, notably the highly acclaimed "Spirit on Jacob's Ladder' depicting a butterfly ascending to heaven and 'Reborn', a guardian angel which has become a trademark of Tom's work.

Touchbase Feb / Mar 09


Gallery Reception

Tom and Andrew Mitchell were delighted to welcome all to the re-opening of their gallery. Mitchell Gallery opens with a new collection of wonderful art, sculptures and glass.

Touchbase Dec 08 / Jan 09


Spirit on Jacob's Ladder

For those readers who attended the open evening of the Mitchell Gallery in Warwick this summer, you will be saddened to see that due to essential renovation of the old courtyard area, instructed by surveyors, the gallery had to close temporarily for the erection of scaffolding through the building.

Popular artists, Tom and Andrew Mitchell, were delighted by the response they had to their gallery opening.

Touchbase Oct / Nov 08


Knight of the Road

Andrew's work is exhibited in the Mitchell Gallery, with some of the proceeds going to the national charity 'Shelter'.

It is also a credit to him that his work has travelled as far as America, where the very same drawing has appeared on the front cover of the magazine 'Inner Tapestry'

Touchbase Aug / Sep 08


Tom Mitchell Logo


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